Figata Ciclismo

Figata Ciclismo is a Copenhagen based brand that creates premium cycling apparel created by cyclists for cyclists. The philosophy of the brand is to create interesting and beautiful cycling clothes for the eyes and comfort for the skin. We are fascinated by the history of cycling and by the nature that is surrounding the sport. The founder and designer Anders Berendt finds himself seduced by his Italian memories of his former cycling career which shows in the aesthetics of the collections

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Who we are

Figata Ciclismo is founded in Copenhagen Denmark by Anders Berendt Hansen in 2015 and partly owned by Anders Berendt and CEO, Thomas Smith.

Anders is Danish-born in 1986 and trained at KEA Design & Business and has been the National Champion 5 times before reaching senior level. Anders was one of the biggest international talents of the 86'ers generation before an injury forced him to quit cycling at the age of 21.

In 2016, after the introduction of the first designs to the market, Anders joined forces with the current CEO of Figata Ciclismo, Thomas Smith. Thomas has many years of experience, both as a businessman and a cyclist.

Our values:
We do NOT support the use of drugs in any sport!
We advocate a greener environment.
We are professional athletes, urban café racers, mountain climbers and downhill hunters; everyone who loves to ride but most importantly - knows how to dress up on a bike!
We love to have fun as well as we love racing. Adventures is in our heart.

Italian Memories

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The career of Anders B. Hansen

Anders (Known as Anders B. Hansen) was an upcoming rider and had a contract with the Danish Team GLS. He won the National Championship 5 times in the younger classes and was a stage race specialist due to his skills on time trials and in the mountains.

Unfortunately, after his best season as a U19 Junior in 2004 a knee injury started to disrupt his practices. The injury came up after a crash on a downhill in Italy at Monte Serra. Anders' struggled with the injury in two seasons which featured ups and downs.
In 2004 Anders finished 7th on the Junior World Championship Time Trial. He was unbeaten in time trials on Danish road which secured him the U19 Danish National Championship with almost a 2-minute margin to second place.

In 2005 Anders was about to reach his most important result as a rookie U23 rider at the Giro Della Toscana stage race for men U25. At the final mountain stage, he had a cap of well over 3 minutes to the other climbers like Roman Kreuziger, Eros Capecchi and Ricardo Ricco. The Dane also lead the competition of the "youth jersey" and the "mountain jersey". Unfortunately, the great effort became too much for his knee as he could not keep up with the front on the last stage. Giro Della Toscana was the last great memory for 12 years of racing. Figata Ciclismo is much about the history of Anders Berendt's short career: "Danish Design inspired by Italian Memories".

Anders' favorite place in the world is located in Italy around the mountains of Montecatini Terme, Tuscany. Anders was forced to quit his career in the early year of 2007 and did not touch a bike for years to come. He went out on his bike for 2 days in a row for the first time in 2015.

Many years of training in the gym has today made it possible for Anders to get back on the bike. You can follow him on the app "Strava" or Instagram. Search for "Anders Berendt". 

"Figata Ciclismo" and the meaning

Figata is an Italian word and is best translated directly to "Cool" or "Awesome". There is no English word which exactly translates Figata. It can be used in a sentence like this... "Bro, I just got this new shirt", "Ooh Figata that's nice man". The most spoken sentence is "Che Figata!" = That's cool or That's awesome. Ciclismo means "Cycling" in Italian. 

Design & Production 

Figata Ciclismo is working with one single factory in Asia. Our clothing has gone through testing before being sold to our customers. You can read more about how we design our bib shorts here.

Asia provides the best opportunities for our company since we are innovative in our design process. We have been in contact with factories in countries like Italy, Latvia, Poland and the USA. We found the best partnership in Asia like many other fashion brands did in 2016.

Quality of cycling apparel and regular clothes is all about the design process and the designer making the product documentation to the seamstress. Our designer, Anders Berendt, has an education in the fashion industry as a Design Technologist and our cycling clothing is handmade.

Since 2017 we have been offering custom team kits for companies and cycling teams. Figata offers a minimum order quantity of only 10 pieces per design.

As a former cyclist, Anders is convinced that cycling apparel has to be designed by former riders in order to fulfill the needs of cyclists. Our cycling jerseys and bib shorts padding is absolutely premium quality. 


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