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Custom cycling apparel clothes wear by Figata Ciclismo 2018

In the sports community, we share a common interest - Many would even call this "a passion". We train hard with each other and everyone is on the same level. When we get into our sports apparel, business directors and CEO's are equal to anyone. We get dirty, we sweat and nobody cares - because we share something we like to do together. This gives the opportunity for the most formal and exclusive businesses to get creative and use the freedom of expression in the sports community. In this world, it is okay to forget about the suit and tie. If you want to stand out in the cycling community you need a design company with many years of experience and a high level of design education, like Figata Ciclismo, or maybe you prefer one of the regular boring cycling kits which nobody even notices. Figata Ciclismo is all about design. We create attention and reactions which are easier to recall. This is what makes nightmares so easy to remember - because of the bigger reaction to the moment of experience.

Why companies work with Figata Ciclismo

Figata Ciclismo is a proud design company which highly values our skills. You work with Figata Ciclismo because you want the knowledge of design thinking and strategy incorporated into your company's cycling apparel. Our cycling apparel is well known for its asymmetric patterns created with inspiration from modern fashion trends and the history of cycling - "When modern meets retro". 
Some of our customers are:
  • Karrebæksminde Triathlon
  • Prato Triathlon, Italy
  • Novartis
  • Team Negative Split
  • Champions of 2morrow


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100% custom Danish design

Our cycling jerseys and bib shorts designs are 100% designed in Denmark. Founder and partner of Figata Ciclismo Anders Berendt have an education within the fashion industry as a Design Technologist. Together with his sister Line Berendt which have a Bachelor from the Royal Danish School of Design and Art they combine knowledge, professional cycling experience, passion and talent in all of Figata Ciclismo's designs.

Read more about Anders' cycling career here

Here's an example of one of our collection styles from 2017: Figata Stripes Jersey

Figata cucstom cycling jersey

All phases from fabric to size charts are made 100% by Figata Ciclismo to ensure the best quality at a fair price.

cycling apparel 2018 company team club gear

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design process of cycling clothes

We are working with PANTONE colors and all designs are created in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

Cycling apparel custom pantone colors

One of the best delivery times in business

Figata Ciclismo is a modern startup company which means we are a part tech company and a part clothing brand. Our business model is made around a flexible strategy which makes sure we can compete on as many parameters as possible including quality, price, design, customer service and personalized user experience.

Our business model allows us to follow trends on the rise which also means that Figata Clubs Kit partners can benefit from our fast delivery times.

  • Delivery time from an approved sample is normally around 2-3 weeks. 
  • Sample time is 5 - 12 days. 

We are working with both small teams and big companies.

Please contact Thomas on email for more information about our custom club and team gear.

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