Cycling jerseys

Cycling jerseys are the most popular cycling clothing item. Making the correct decision for which cycling jersey to buy can be a bit challenging. There are thousands of choices within all price ranges.

On this page, you can find everything you need to know about buying the correct cycling jerseys.

Ander Berendt from Figata Ciclismo is a Danish cycling jersey designer. Figata Ciclismo is originated in Copenhagen and founded by for pro cyclist Anders Berendt and Thomas Smith. 

In this article Anders Berendt give you some interesting facts about how important it is to know something about cycling jerseys if you care about your performance.

When you are researching information about cycling jerseys we recommend to pay attention to the following details;

Fabric; The fabric on cycling jerseys is extremely important in order to balance your body. In most cases, we recommend polyester for good breathability.

Fit; The wind is a huge factor in cycling - you probably already know. Being more aerodynamic equals more speed so the fit should be tight and yet comfortable... therefore flexible.

Other; Quality zippers are extremely important if you want your cycling jersey to last for several rides. Other details on cycling jerseys such as pockets and reflexes can be important for some individuals as well. Figata Ciclismo cycling jerseys always feature back pockets. 

Let me show you a picture of one of our most popular cycling jerseys by Figata Ciclismo before we dive deeper into the other cycling jersey details (See below this picture with the section of "Good to know facts about cycling jerseys).

This is a cycling jersey by Figata Ciclismo

Cycling Jerseys

Good to know facts about cycling jerseys

  1. Cycling jersey Neckline: Your cycling jersey should have a tight neckline. This to prevent the wind from running down your skin. It also helps you with a better aerodynamic - I will get back talking about aerodynamics later in this article.
  2. Cycling jersey Zipper: The zipper helps you to easily regulate your body temperature.
  3. Elastic cuffs: The cuffs from Figata Ciclismo are mostly made with silicone in the inside. This will give you a nice fit and prevent the sleeves from flapping around in the wind.
  4. Back pockets: Back pockets are used in both competitions to carry energy snacks and training to carry extra cycling gear like your phone or credit card (For the must-have famous coffee stops). 
  5. Long back than the front: You learn forward when you ride your bike. Your cycling jersey should be a little longer on the back than on the front to maintain a good riding fit.
  6. Silicone grip on cycling jerseys: I already mentioned this about the elastic arm cuffs. But many cycling jerseys also have silicone grip at the bottom, so when you lean forward you cycling jersey will keep an aerodynamic fit. 

Bike jerseys

If you are serious about riding your bike you need a specially made bike jersey (Normally called "cycling jersey"). Bike jerseys are made to increase your performance on your bike through better breathability, fit and aerodynamics and practical details such as special pockets on your upper bag. These pockets are made for cyclists so they can easily grab gel, bananas or whatever they need to carry on their ride.

Professional riders do not prefer these items to be carried on their bike. If you would like to read more about bike jerseys, you should read this article about cycling jerseys.

Here is a video of some of our cycling jerseys

Other synonyms for cycling jerseys:

Bicycle Jerseys are another word for both bike jerseys and cycling jerseys. Biking jerseys are also used by a lot of people.

In the professional peloton, you will most normally hear the rider refer to "cycling jerseys" by just saying "jersey" or "tricot".

A tricot is often used for the cycling jersey worn by the leader in the general classification or by the best climber or sprinter.

Other synonyms for cycling jerseys rarely used are road bicycle jerseys, bicycle shirts and even bike riding jerseys.

On the Figata Ciclismo online shop, we will always refer to these jerseys as "cycling jerseys" which is also the most used in the cycling community.

The most popular and best-known cycling jersey

The most popular and well-known tricot in cycling is the yellow jersey worn by the leader in worlds most popular cycling race Tour de France.

Leader jerseys are used in most cycling races with several stages for everyone to identify the leader of the race.

The most popular race cycling jersey today is the World Championship jersey - also known as the rainbow jersey, but also the leader cycling jerseys of Vuelta Espana and Giro de Italia are extremely popular.

Retro cycling jerseys

From the first design in 2015 Figata Ciclismo Ciclismo have always been talked about as making retro-like cycling jerseys. Some will argue that our current designs are more modern than the previous, but we will let you decide with some of our first kits on the picture below.
Retro cycling jerseys
If you would like to find other retro cycling jerseys we recommend to take a look at Pinterest for great inspiration.

Cool cycling jerseys

When we established Figata Ciclismo is was with the idea of creating cool cycling jerseys. Actually "Figata" could be translated from Italian into "Cool" in English, and "Ciclismo" meaning "Cycling".

So directly translation could be meaning something like this "Figata Ciclismo jerseys" = Cool cycling jerseys.

It is not up to us to decide if our cycling jerseys are cool or not, but based on our dedication for cycling and our fan base - we believe we got something right in the process.

Anders Berendt who founded Figata Ciclismo was in a need for cool cycling jerseys back in 2007 when he stopped his professional cycling career. That was how the idea of Figata Ciclismo aka "Cool cycling jerseys" found it's the way to the top of his mind.

Any good and pretty cycling jerseys for women?

To be honest the selection of good and pretty cycling jerseys to women are much smaller than compared to cycling jerseys for men. Figata Ciclismo have a goal to always deliver a wide range of pretty and really good cycling clothes for women

What is actually the difference between women and men's cycling jerseys?

In general women's cycling jerseys has a feminine cut. Women have a smaller waist circumference than men and the chest on the front are bigger due to women's breasts. The biggest difference if on the bib shorts though and Figata Ciclismo have a lot of ladies riding in our cycling jerseys for men.

If you are a woman considering to buy one of our cycling jerseys for men one size smaller than you normally would. No-one will ever define the cycling jersey as it was made for only men because it is not. Cycling jerseys are made to fit humans which finds the fit good.

Cycling jerseys for men

Cycling jerseys for men are made in a different pattern which makes the fit better for male bodies with a wider chest and upper back and smaller waist. The arm cuffs are wider and the size, in general, are bigger than for women and kids - this gives men a perfect fit for high-performance cycling.

If you would like to know more about cycling jerseys and how you find a high-quality cycling jersey, read this article.

Figata Ciclismo is specialist in cycling jerseys for men and we have a wide range of cycling jerseys for both men and women.

Here are some examples of our cycling jerseys for women.

Cycling Jerseys for Women

You can buy all our cycling jerseys for women online on

What should I consider before cycling in the winter?

If you wear a thin cycling jersey in Winter you’ll freeze. We recommend wearing a thick Winter jacket for cycling. The winter cycling jersey is to warm for you in the summer so you need a different kind of cycling jerseys if you want to cycle all year round.
You can buy both short sleeve cycling jerseys and winter jackets for cycling in our online shop. 
Just like the short sleeve cycling jersey the winter jacket are also made with pocket on the bag to carry your stuff. 

Where do you keep your wallet while riding a bike?

The pockets on the back of your cycling jerseys are the most normal place to keep your wallet safe during bike rides. On a rainy day, you can cover your wallet with a plastic bag.
If you one of those guys who sweat a lot, we recommend using a plastic bag anyway.
We always recommend that you bring your wallet on the group rides so you can enjoy one a the coffee breaks like a hero. We do not recommend to place your wallet anywhere on your bike since you can easily lose it with noticing. 

Is there a print on demand service for cycling jerseys?

Figata Ciclismo doesn't have a print on demand for cycling jerseys. However, you can always send an e-mail to info(at) to hear to our individual and custom solutions.
We have made several custom team kits for both cycling teams and we do offer this solution for individuals as well.