Guide: How to wash your cycling apparel

How to wash cycling apparel

Cycling apparel is very expensive. That is why we recommend you to follow this guide when washing your cycling apparel. 

Cycling apparel is made of technical fabrics and you can easily ruin the performance of the apparel if not paying attention to this guide.

Following this guide for how to wash your cycling apparel will improve the longevity of your cycling apparel.

Handwash your cycling apparel

Handwashing your cycling apparel is the best way to secure the performance of the technical fabrics in your cycling apparel. A washing machine can be very hard for your thin cycling apparel fabrics and chemicals such as fabric softener is a no-go when washing your cycling apparel.

If you decide to wash your Figata Ciclismo cycling apparel in the washing machine, you should wash the apparel below 30 degrees.

Also please keep these tips washing machine tips in mind when washing your cycling apparel:

  • Below 30 degrees.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Turn your apparel in out.
  • Never wash your regular clothes with cycling apparel.
  • Zip up zippers to avoid damage on the cycling apparel. 

Note: Do not machine wash windbreakers and raincoats since the performance can be damaged after a single wash.

How to was chamois padding on bib shorts

The best way to wash your cycling chamois padding is to a handwash with soap. Rub the padding with soap to clean it.

The padding can be full of bacteria so this is very important to remember.

How to dry cycling apparel after wash

Keep in mind cycling apparel are made to keep your body dry quickly with technical fabrics. We recommend to air dry your cycling apparel if possible.

Many riders use the cycling jerseys and bib shorts a couple of times before washing it. You can do this because it is performance apparel, but we always recommend to do a handwash after a ride. But if you decide to not washing your apparel, we still recommend you to air dry your cycling apparel after a ride. Fresh air will help you to minimize bad smelling.